The one topic we think about but rarely talk (and laugh 😂) about

Having fun playing The Death Deck

“It's so fun! I learned a lot about everyone, including myself!”

- Colleen Cavanaugh Anthony

“Laughs, surprises, and excellent conversation. So fun! Can’t wait to play again.”

- Tom and Michelle Peters

“We had a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to playing again with my friends!”

- Jennifer Nyholm

“I think what you ladies created is super creative, interesting, and important! I love it!”

- Christy Strahan Anderson

How Do You Play?

There are 112 cards with a mix of multiple choice and open-ended questions guaranteed to spark lively discussion around the topic of death.

Play with partners to try and predict each other's answers, or all together in a group.

No matter how you play, you'll learn some new things about your friends, your family, and likely yourself.