The Cards We're Dealt

The Death Deck's own, original podcast! A widow, a hospice social worker and an end-of-life storyteller use humor and personal experience to ask some pretty shocking questions of other death facing writers and thinkers, and terminally ill patients willing to confront their mortality with grace, radical honesty and not just a little humor.

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Experience Talks / Kenneth Branagh & Lori LoCicero

KENNETH BRANAGH is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), holds a prestigious Michael Balcon Award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), and has received five Academy Award® nominations in five different categories.

LORI LoCICERO describes herself as a writer, entrepreneur, and eternal optimist which explains why the loss of both her husband and mother ten years ago inspired her to create The Death Deck, a game designed to spark lively discussions about death.

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engAGING Conversations / Sheryl Smith RN

Have you heard the phrase “the devil is in the details”? Well, THEY are right! Lori LoCicero learned the hard way. Lisa Pahl has learned from years of professional experience. Talking about end of life wishes ahead of time, makes things less stressful when death is near.

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Good Grief With Cheryl Jones

With the death of a spouse, the future dies too. If you're a planner like Lori LoCicero there are many smaller losses along with the big loss. When Lori's husband died, she became unmoored, as if her tether to earth was broken. Her world seemed to stop cold. How did she come through her grief to a place where she could once again see her way forward?

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The Death Deck: A lively party game

It’s a killer question you could pick at random from a hundred or more other matters of life and death in The Death Deck – a lively party game with a focus on lightening up conversations around death.

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The In-The-Know Nine

Lisa Pahl and Lori LoCicero have been talking about death and dying for years…not in a creepy, morbid way, but rather with honesty and acceptance. In 2008, Lori experienced the unexpected death of her husband. Lisa works in hospice and the ER and deals with families experiencing loss every day.

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How To Transform A Hole Into A House With Brand Positioning

Their goal is to get the game and the conversations it generates to as many people as possible. They want to transform the topic of death and dying from a scary chore, to a fun and meaningful way to connect with people you care about.

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