Have Fun With Some Taboo Talk.

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"I just got my deck and took it along to lunch with three co-workers today. We had great conversation about interesting questions. Some tender stories were told, and we laughed. A lot."
-Bonnie Wilcox
"It's hard to imagine that playing a game about death can be fun, even hilarious. It is. It's an ingenious way to talk about the hard stuff without any awkwardness, formality, or weirdness."
"I got to play this game with friends I've known for a long time. We had an evening full of laughs and learning. Who would have known I could find out so much about my friends and even my spouse!"
-Reader Rowland
"I bought this to play with my teens as they face losing their grandparents in the next couple of years. They loved talking about a completely new subject, and I loved hearing their ideas."
-Katrina Duvall

How Do You Play?

There are 112 cards with a mix of multiple choice and open-ended questions guaranteed to spark lively discussion around the topic of death.

Play with partners to try and predict each other's answers, or all together in a group.

No matter how you play, you'll learn some new things about your friends, your family, and likely yourself.

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Hear What These Professionals Have To Say

End of Life professionals around the world use The Death Deck to have important and entertaining discussions about death.

“It's so fun! I learned a lot about everyone, including myself!”

- Colleen Cavanaugh Anthony

“Laughs, surprises, and excellent conversation. So fun! Can’t wait to play again.”

- Tom and Michelle Peters

“We had a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to playing again with my friends!”

- Jennifer Nyholm

“I think what you ladies created is super creative, interesting, and important! I love it!”

- Christy Strahan Anderson

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