About Us

Lori LoCicero

Writer, Entrepreneur, and Eternal Optimist

I believe in living life fully after loss and am dedicated to helping others survive and thrive after experiencing personal tragedy. Devastated after losing both my mother and husband to cancer in 2008, I eventually found the footing to take small steps into the unknown, tripping many times before realizing that going with the ebb and flow instead of resisting resulted in the gift of positive outcomes.

A UCLA graduate with a long list of titles including director, producer, and author, I’m currently completing a memoir about personal loss (Clouds Far Behind Me) and share personal stories about grief and widowhood on my website (lorilocicero.com) to help others travel their paths. A believer in Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG), I seek to shed light on this emerging field of psychology and plant seeds of hope in others when in darkness. I’m also told I have a wicked sense of humor—which helps in balancing all of life’s many challenges.

When not writing about death, I spend time in, on, and around the ocean and search the city of angels high and low for the perfect cup of drip coffee.




Lisa Pahl, LCSW

Hospice and Emergency Medicine Social Worker

My goal is to help people cope with illness, dying and grief. With a passionate belief that peace at the end begins with meaningful conversations over time, I feel the more we can engage in talking about this difficult subject, the more prepared and ultimately comforted we will be when we reach the end of life.

When friends say, “Lisa, how is it that every time you are around we talk about death?” I take it as the ultimate compliment. It’s my passion, and I am honored to be able to open up these conversations and put people at ease.

Since obtaining my Master’s in Social Work from The University of Michigan, I’ve embraced a challenging and rewarding social work career. In my early years, I worked within community mental health, domestic violence, and trauma before moving to Emergency Medicine and Hospice, where my true passion lies.  Accompanying individuals and their families through their final days has taught me innumerable lessons about truly appreciating life. 

When not talking about death, I chase whales on my kayak, share stories with my book club of eighteen years, and laugh heartily with my husband and son about our wacky cats, Pickle and Peanut.