Would you wear your loved one?

Believe it or not...cremation jewelry is a popular thing with many creative incarnations. From hologram glass necklaces infused with ash to artistic urn pendants carrying a small amount of remains, this growing trend is a unique and beautiful way to honor a loved one. Well...to some people. Some see it as a comforting keepsake while others find the concept rather unappealing.

Cool or Creepy? Wonderful or Weird? You get to choose. Luckily, today there are endless ways to honor your departed with jewelry and keep them close to your heart. And let us not forget about our pets. Pet cremation jewelry is also an option with most jewelry product options and can be an appreciated gift to those open to the idea.

Here are a few examples:

Cremation Rings

Keep your loved one close at hand with a keepsake rings. My favorite incorporates a tiny heart-shaped urn that discreetly holds the cremated remains inside. Most rings come with step-by-step instructions to fill the small cremation jewelry yourself. A small threaded screw opens access to an inner chamber, and a mini funnel comes with. Handling the ashes, however, can sometimes be a mental stumbling block to this process so you might want to enlist the help of a friend. Being that close to “what remains” can also be a beautiful and often spiritual experience to connect with your loved one. Fear not the ashes.

Glass Jewelry Pendants

Glass pendants are custom made by adding ashes into the glass while hot to create a unique and colorful keepsake. When you order custom cremation jewelry, you send a small amount of ashes (typically in a provided kit) directly to the company or artist. With endless choices of shapes, sizes, and colors -- and a wide array of talented glass artists out there who produce these graceful works of art -- you can customize a one-of-a-kind tribute piece unique to any loved one.

Ashes Bracelets

Similar concept to the cremation ring with a small chamber for ashes, this type of wearable can be filled at home and worn daily. With many options and styles to choose from, bracelets are a popular alternative for guys (who tend not to wear much in the way of jewelry), and many can be engraved with a name or quote. This allows remembrance of a loved one to be worn discreetly, or open conversation to share a special memory.

When my husband died, the idea of a wearable was not on my radar. I had heard very little about cremation jewelry so never gave it much thought. Now, I realize how popular the concept is with endless creative options to explore. While I personally do not currently have any cremation jewelry, I do have a couple of personal items that incorporate my late husband’s ashes.

One item is a simple, tiny bottle filled with ashes that I keep on my meditation altar. Along with a few other select sacred belongings, it is always within reach and occasionally held while I meditate. He is still there, with me, and it helps me remain connected to his memory.
Another, a flower vase made by a homeopathic doctor who helped Joe and me through his illness. His ashes mixed within the clay, its swirling patterns and colors were unplanned and unpredictable until set in the finished product. It is a cherished work of art and will forever hold flowers for me in a loving gesture.

I gotta say… after researching and seeing the creative options available in the cremation jewelry world, I am inspired to purchase one for myself. Luckily, they only require a small amount of ashes, and I just happen to have some on reserve for both my kids to do with what they wish when they are ready.

If wearing your loved one sounds like something that might bring you comfort, give it a go. I'm confident you'll be glad you did.


  • I certainly will. I already have a unique piece of cremation jewelry from https://minimemorials.com/ which I got for my late Father’s cremains and it has really been a beautiful token and remembrance of my Father for me.

    Peter Maxwell
  • I already have a glass pendant from https://minimemorials.com/collections/glass which carries my mothers ashes. I really believe that cremation jewelry is a great way of remembering those we have lost and I really recommend it.

    Peter Maxwell
  • Yes, I would wear it. I remember my dad. I miss my dad so much. I need to look for urns for ashes for him. My dad passed away last week. I was also able to see cremation jewelry for ashes at https://minimemorials.com

  • Okay, when I read the title I thought heck no, but I think I would. I would definitely cherish the piece of jewelry and tuck it away even if I didn’t wear it. I am not going to tell my hubby ahead of time as he would think it is totally weird, but I would.


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