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Photo by: Kurt HuckleberryPhoto by: Kurt Huckleberry

Since launching The Death Deck in September 2018, we’ve had many people reach out to share their positive experiences. While the deck has been positioned on shelves next to party games for friends and family, it is also designed to take on numerous ways to play. It really does have a life of its own.

We'd love for you to Show us your Deck...and tell us how you play with it!

Here are a few of our favorite shares:


This idea was shared with us by a hospice chaplain. What’s that, you ask? Good question. A hospice chaplain is an integral member of the hospice team who plans, assesses, and cares for a patient’s spiritual needs throughout the end-of-life process. They do not seek to convert patients or bring them into the fold of a specific religion but instead meet patients where they are on their spiritual journey to help them discover renewed meaning and spiritual peace.

Occasionally, our chaplain friend meets with their hospice team and has found inspired dialogue along with welcomed humor by pulling one card from The Death Deck to start the conversation. This unique and certainly not run-of-the-mill way to start their meeting has resulted in enlightening group discussions on end-of-life issues and appreciated personal reflection.


My Dad’s personal favorite. His current motto: “I’m 85 and still alive!” and boy is he. When not traveling with his girlfriend or performing magic tricks at events, he roams the desert (no, not the Sahara...Palm Desert) with a selection of six or so cards and shares them with everyone. From the barista at Starbucks to his financial advisor to anyone else who might seem open for a conversation, he pulls his cards and encourages people to play. Once they get over the initial stun of “What is this?” he wins them over playing a mini session of the game and makes new friends wherever he goes.


From waiting rooms to coffee tables, we’ve had numerous fans share stories of how well the deck fits in and plays well with others. Curiosity draws people in...and if brave enough to open the friendly little box, look inside, and read a question or two, they often end up discovering a unique take on the taboo topic leaving them wanting more.

We like how the game looks amongst cards about life lesson and essential oils as well as super cool coffee table art books. Place your deck out in the open and watch the priceless reactions while people discover something new.

If you have a deck but have yet to gather a group to play, I highly recommend trying one of the options above. 

If you've found your own way to play...we’d love to hear about it.

Email us ( a picture of where your deck currently lives and share your story of how you play. It would thrill us tremendously and you might end up featured on our social media channels.

Play On, Brave Souls!


  • Good morning, I have recently launched a new company with the prime objective of encouraging people to start the conversation around death. Have you ever considered having a uk distributor of your product? I recently purchased a pack but it took sometime to be delivered and I was charged a customs fee before I could accept delivery.
    Kind regards

    Stephen Wolfenden

  • This has given me an idea – to share the Death Deck with some of the staff I have gotten to know at the nursing facility where my 93 year old parents are. I hadn’t thought of that before, but I think it would be useful for them to use especially with family who are having a hard time getting that their loved one in the facility is actually near death.

  • Appreciate your reference. Yes…. I talk about the DD regularly—-everywhere. So enjoy the discussion and interest that follows.

    Norm Lewis

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