I Just Wish I Didn’t Feel So Alone With My Dying Thoughts

I had a Hospice patient “Mary” that I was seeing weekly for emotional support. Initially, she was living alone and fiercely independent, as many people are. Each week, she was a little weaker and needed a little more help. Eventually, her daughter Hailey moved in with her full-time to allow Mary to remain in her own home, which was very important to Mary.

Mary’s daughter Hailey was willing to help her mother, but reluctant to talk about the fact that Mary’s health was declining and she was approaching the end of her life.

Mary shared with me how badly she wished that Hailey would talk about what was really going on. “She takes such good care of me, makes sure I have everything I need.. I just wish I didn’t feel so alone with my thoughts.”

I gently worked with Hailey to help her recognize how important it was for Mary to be able to share her thoughts and feelings related to her illness progression with the person that mattered most to Mary, her daughter.

Dying can feel so lonely. We created the E•O•L Deck to help families like Mary and Hailey communicate openly about end of life wishes to reduce the isolation that so many, like Mary, feel. With a casual tone and open-ended questions, The E•O•L Deck makes starting these conversations easier.

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