Hard Conversations Bring Us Closer

 By Lisa Pahl, LCSW 


Awhile back, I had a very moving conversations with the daughter of one of my hospice patients. These were her words:


“It was so hard to talk to my mom about the fact that she was dying.
I didn’t want her to think I was giving up on her. I finally got the courage to start talking to her, and it changed us. We grew so close those final months. I’m so grateful that I became brave.”

I’ve reflected on this sentiment many times since our conversation. It really does take a lot of courage to have hard conversations. Sometimes it gets messy and feelings are hurt. Sometimes we fumble for what to say. But, within that messiness and vulnerability, is often where our hearts get filled and we grow..both closer together and as a human.


Today, let’s be a little brave. Don't know how to start? We created The E•O•L Deck to help professionals and families talk about what matters most in life and in death. 

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