End of Life Times

Below is my recent article "Talking to the Dead" featured in the End of Life Times: A Reimagine Community Newspaper. In it, I describe one of my tools to coping with grief.

From Founder and Executive Director of the event, Brad Wolfe: "Reimagine End of Life is a community-driven exploration of death and celebration of life through creativity and conversation. Not just a festival or event, Reimagine is also a set of idealistic yet realistic beliefs about how death can impact life. Join us in asking what might be possible if we reimagine (end of) life together."

To follow the Remagine movement or find out more about their upcoming events visit: https://letsreimagine.org

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  • I am very interested to read about your blogs/ articles on celebration of life through death
    Thank you

    Jennifer Bryce

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